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about Welcome to KnitMap! on Sun Sep 09 15:25:30 -0700 2007

Aha, is this where I can ask questions about the site? This is a great idea - thanks for setting it up.

Here are my questions. My favorite yarn store in New York doesn't appear to be posted, but when I entered the info it said "Location appears to have been entered already." So I searched Sioux Falls, SD, and the map said there were no yarn stores there, but when I entered two new ones I got the same message, "Location appears to have been entered already." Is this a Mac thing?

Also - there are separate maps for "New York, NY" and "Manhattan, NY" (the same place), and they have different stores listed on them.

about KnitMap Raffle #1 on Mon Sep 17 07:42:44 -0700 2007

Just to reiterate that I was so surprised and so delighted to win this. And it coming completely out of the blue made it just that much better. THANK YOU, Stacy and KnitMap!