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Thu Mar 04 18:58:23 -0600 2010
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about Knitting Sisters on Thu Mar 04 19:13:36 -0600 2010

So convenient for conferences held in this part of town! One can so easily slip away from the vendor displays to go see some yarn instead.

about The Yarn Basket on Thu Mar 04 19:18:13 -0600 2010

Organized by yarn weight in what was a house with small rooms and nooks. This can make it a challenge to find what I want. Sometimes feel that my shopping is interrupting the staff from knitting and chatting together. Staff knowledge about products and knitting varies.

about The Mannings Handweaving School and Supply Center on Thu Mar 04 19:28:03 -0600 2010

Imagine a very clean milking parlor recommissioned as a yarn shop. With more barns and sheds (still very clean) added to it. That's what this is. The site is (was?) a working farm. The buildings housing the yarn shop have an industrial feel. The staff is focused on what they do, which includes filling a lot of mail and internet orders, and all are very knowledgeable. This is not the kind of local yarn shop where you sit and get huge doses of personal attention to your own project from the owner. It has the most comprehensive selection I have ever seen anywhere. Recommend highly for a day trip. Lovely places to sit with a picnic lunch as well.

about The Quarter Stitch on Thu Mar 11 20:19:22 -0600 2010

I've had lovely experiences at Quarter Stitch while in NO on business. The first time, I called in advance to check shop hours, as I had little time to spare; the proprietor said she would open early for me! The staff have always been knowledgeable, patient and fun. Good selection that is displayed to advantage. Maybe not the largest selection, but what they have is worth looking at and worth knitting. Love the festive approach! From rose petals strewn on the sidewalk and zippy show tunes blaring to colorful wrapping of even the most ordinary of purchases, it feels like an indulgent occasion to shop here.

about Orchardside Yarn Shop on Thu Mar 11 20:42:46 -0600 2010

Charming setting, on a working farm; even better when the berries are in! Nice selection of yarn for such a small space. Carole, the owner, is lovely! She knows her products and designs and shares her knowledge easily. I prefer shopping here when the club sitting around the table is mostly not there, as their knowledge varies, and some create a too-clubby atmosphere.

about Laughing Sheep Yarns on Thu Mar 11 21:02:32 -0600 2010

Easy to park the car. Easy to move around inside as the aisles are wide and the yarn cubbies are mostly not overfull. New-ish ownership and a pleasant atmosphere, though some staff seem to have quite limited knowledge of knitting.

about Fibersmyth on Fri Apr 16 19:25:25 -0500 2010

What a nice selection and atmosphere tucked into a small space and away from the center of town! The tea shop next door beckons almost as much as the yarn shop. Lovely together.

about Never Enough Yarn on Fri Apr 16 19:29:01 -0500 2010

Pam creates a welcoming, encouraging climate, and she is justifiably appreciated by her regulars. Nice selection of yarns in the rooms of what was a house, A few more luxury yarns would cap that off perfectly.

about The Wool Bar on Tue Aug 10 17:51:37 -0500 2010

Lovely shop! Tiny, and every square centimeter is carefully planned and used. No compromises on warm welcomes, on encouragement and help with technique, on knowledge of the yarn, patterns and more. A gem!

about Shoreham Knitting & Needlecraft on Tue Aug 10 21:03:58 -0500 2010

Good location, nice fittings for the shop, and if you like Rowan, you are in luck for yarn. Wear your armour or a parka to deal with the staff. I thought staff this brusque and rude were a thing of the past by now, but not in Shoreham.

about Kangaroo on Tue Aug 10 21:18:46 -0500 2010

A treasure! Lots of yarns, from mainstays to exotics of quality. Lots of tools to work the yarn with. Upstairs studio for weekly gatherings is unsurpassed. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff. Even the parking is effortless. The only oddity (and it is slight) is that the shop/studio is in a light-industry complex rather than a High Street setting. Keeps prices as competitive as they are, so stay there.

about Wa Waas Wool'n Bits on Tue Aug 10 21:22:30 -0500 2010

Very nice store! Range of yarns to choose from, including some uncommon brands. Very good buttons. Lending library to try out a lavish hardcover before deciding to buy. Lovely service, including holds on yarn. Parking is even convenient for this part of the world.

about Knitting Sisters on Tue Mar 22 21:45:57 -0500 2011

On a recent visit, I was delighted to find that the combined age of the two staff members present equal the average age of sales staff at many LYS. Youngish and knowledgeable. Also found that the yarn on display may be a portion of what is in stock. There are secret supplies in the back. They may have plenty of yarn for the project you want to knit if you ask. With each purchase the staff offers to wind the yarn, with a smile. Nice service, nice selection.

about Cabin Fever on Mon Sep 19 13:27:01 -0500 2011

Hidden gem! Not easy to find, tucked into an industrial complex, which is appropriate indeed for the showroom and office of Cabin Fever. Once you find it, you are in an Aladdin's Cave of patterns, samples knit from the Cabin Fever patterns, and yarns. Some yarns specified in their patterns, some unexpected yarns. Semi-solid kettle-died yarn in a heavy fingering weight caught my eye -- great twist for socks and fantastic colors. Whimsical pins/brooches made by a local artist are amazing.

This is where Cabin Fever operates. Orders are shipped out to stores, and UPS brings in huge cartons of yarn. You are shopping in a space that serves other functions and is not a LYS alone. The first time I tried to shop here, the lone person on duty had gone out to the post office and left a note on the door, and I had to wait for her to return to open up again. Worth it to me to wait; next time I will phone ahead to make sure it is a good time to visit.

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