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Wed Dec 10 18:14:46 -0600 2008
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about Strings & Strands on Sun Jan 18 14:31:46 -0600 2009

WOW this must be the most dramatic shop in ATL! I have read the post and I agree with a lot of the positive and negative comments. First, it is in an odd location and has limited parking. Second, there are tons of yarns in this shop, floor to ceiling. Unfortunately, it is not organized in a manner in which my brain could comprehend! The older sales lady was not nearly has helpful as the woman on the phone earlier in the week but she tried. However, an other customer came in that she knew and she stopped helping me. I felt very overwhelmed in this shop. But, I would use them as a resource to locate something my local shop doesnt have.

about Knitch on Wed Dec 10 21:17:38 -0600 2008

i am a new knitter and took my basic knitting class here and i loved it. everyone has been so helpful. i have enjoyed shopping here.

about I Knit London on Thu Mar 05 07:23:20 -0600 2009

i have seen this shop on several blogs and sites so i wanted to make sure i stopped in while in london. it was a very small shop, with way more furniture then it could hold. people were bumping in to each other, knocking racks over, and a lady sitting on a couch was letting her kids run all around. but, the there were a lot of very nice yarns and books in the shop. i was hopefull that i would find some really great local british yarns, being that there are a ton of sheep farms over here, but i was disappointed. there were yarns from all over the world. i ended up with a really some really soft alpaca by Lang yarns, which i am unsure if it is sold in the US. i am glad i stopped in!

about Sophie's Fine Yarn Shoppe on Sat Dec 27 21:23:38 -0600 2008

I can see how this has been seen as a typcial Louisville clique shop. I came to visit after christmas for the sale and I had one very nice assistant and one very "snotty"; but assistant. I know Louisville is very cliquish; but it is bad. I finally found yarn I liked and AFTER I paid then could afford to spend time to teach me to wind it. I have never had to wind my own yarn; but, at least the one lady was nice enough to teache me! They had a GREAT selection; but service was typcical Louisville snotty pride. (and I am a card fan!).

about Sheepish on Sun Jan 18 14:14:08 -0600 2009

I visited this shop today and was very suprised. It is a small shop with a descent selection of yarns, but what suprised me the most was the knowledge of the woman working. She might be an owner, not sure. She didnt have the yarn I was looking for, but she had books that we could look stuff up in and compare alternatives. She was very helpful. The selection was a little more limited than some other shops in the Metro area, but it was worth the visit. I love Cascade yarns and she had a nice selection. She seemed very open to helping get what I wanted. Also, I saw a sign that said they had private sessions for $20/half hour, I think I will take advantage of this service!

about Knitch on Wed Dec 10 18:28:09 -0600 2008

i am a new knitter and took my basic knitting class here and i loved it. everyone has been so helpful. i have enjoyed shopping here.

about Gotta Knit on Mon Mar 08 02:04:27 -0600 2010

I stopped into this shop on my last trip to NYC. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I wasn't impressed nor disappointed! The shop is a very small one-room shop. I was surprised at the selection of yarn and books. I found some really cute Artful Yarn that I hadn't seen before. I was expecting it to be outrageously expensive and was surprised enough that I bought an extra skein!

I didn't really want a lot of attention, because I hate when I go into a small boutique and I don't buy anything and the sales person gives you that look! But they ladies were very friendly, they were helping others on their projects, and looking up patterns! There was a lot going on in that little place!

I would go again!

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